Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Evil Dead (2013) - Another successful remake

Usually nowadays, the remakes of fantastic classic horrors seem to be getting worse, rather than better. In my opinion, all this is down to overpowered and needless CGI. However, I thought the remake of Evil Dead was very imaginative, and rather successful. After reading some reviews, I am rather inquisitive as to why a lot of people are giving it negative reviews. I thought it was fairly similar to The Cabin In The Woods (2012), as there were many fairly related moments and ideas such as the obvious - some friends hanging out in a cabin in the middle of the woods! Also, the 'dead' were awoken through some type of witchcraft by Eric reading the Book of The Dead and similarly in The Cabin In The Woods, Dana reads an old book found in the midst of some old relics, which awakens the dead.
However, you could spot a slight difference in the two scenarios of 'waking the dead'. In Evil Dead, it is demons or entities that are unleashed more than zombies, but in The Cabin In The Woods, it is merely just zombies that are awoken at first.
The film lasts 91 minutes, and is directed by Fede Alvarez. The plot of Evil Dead is also very similar to The Cabin In The Woods, being a fight for survival to escape the cabin plotted right in the core of the spooky woods. A group consisting of David (Shiloh Fernandez) , his drug-using sister Mia (Jane Levy) and his friends Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci), Olivia (Jessica Lucas) and Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore) travel to an isolated cabin that belonged to his parents to spend a couple of days together. Mia promises the others that she will back down against her drugs and put a stop to it, whilst Olivia who is a nurse, promises to aid her. They find a basement with mysterious witchcraft, and a Book Of The Dead that Eric reads to unintentionally summon an evil demon. Again - a very comparable idea to The Cabin In The Woods - the dead are summoned by Dana's curiosity in reading the book. As the film progresses, Mia, Olivia, and Natalie are soon possessed by evil entities, and Eric attempts to read The Book Of The Dead to fight of the evil spirits for survival.
I thought the entire film overall was very impressive. I don't know about you guys, but I don't like movies when they take a while to start. The Cabin In The Woods took quite a while covering the background of characters until they actually arrived at the cabin, whereas in Evil Dead, they arrived at the cabin very quickly without wasting any time, and it actually covered the background of the characters from that moment. In terms of endings, Evil Dead was fantastic in my opinion. There was an unexpected twist as Eric rose again possessed by an evil spirit to kill David before he escaped. I considered David as a central character, and was therefore surprised at his death. Also, after Mia was buried, I expected the film to finish from that moment, by her battle at the end was that evil spirit was fantastic. There was a large amount of blood and guts, accompanied by the bloody rainfall.
On the other hand, I thought the ending the The Cabin In The Woods was appalling. It was just completely insane in my opinion. I thought the voice of Rupert Degas as the demon was exceptional in giving the audience a slight chill as they watched and listened to the wild, possessed Mia as she was locked under the basement. I seriously wonder why this film is criticised by so many, as I believe it is a fantastic attempt at a good remake, and I think there should be a sequel to it. Also, there is news that Evil Dead may be released as a TV series in the coming years. I don't know about you guys, but I would personally prefer a sequel than a TV series - I don't see how it could work as a TV series.
However, I would advise all of the faint-hearted to give this film a miss, as there is a huge level of gore in it. Just watching the gore makes me cringe, as it looks excruciatingly painful. Especially at the end, when Mia gets her arm stuck under to car that flips over, and she has to pull her arm to rip her own hand off in order to escape, when she finally splits the demon in two by slicing a chainsaw through it. I thought it was a fantastic conclusion to the film.
The only possible way that I feel I could slightly criticise this fantastic remake is the acting. Whilst the majority of the acting is absolutely sublime, some of the moments were kind of unrealistic. I mean the scene in the kitchen with Natalie when her hand becomes infected. She cuts her arm off with some sort of razor sharp tool. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but she cuts through her skin with no sign of pain at all until she reaches the bone. Surely you would expect her to be screaming in pain? But again - she may have been in shock so please correct me if I'm wrong.
Overall, Evil Dead (2013), is a fantastic movie, being a very successful remake. If you haven't seen this film, then ignore all the negative comments and reviews, and watch it with an open mind. If it came out in the cinemas again, I would definitely go and see it. It would be awesome if a sequel were to be made for this film, it was so good! Highly recommended - great horror

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