Sunday, 21 September 2014

Elena - Chapter 4

What sat calmly on the pavement was the same small bunny rabbit teddy he had seen the little girl holding at the airport. He was completely shocked by this and was very desperate to figure out what was going on. After a few moments, he quickly sprinted down the house stairs, and almost broke the door down in a rush to get to this creepy bunny rabbit. There was a complete change in his pace as he began to calm down and slowly walk towards this soft doll which sat perfectly on the pavement. A few steps closer, within every second.
Finally he grasped the teddy in frustration and looked at it with great curiosity. He examined the doll with close detail, in every way possible until he noticed a small label on it. It read: -

"proprietà di Elena"

He guessed this perhaps meant "the property of Elena" in Italian. Wait, surely this doesn't belong to the young girl Elena who died in the demolition? he thought to himself. "Honey, what are you doing out here?", Cindy asked with a strange tone in her voice. He turned round to her startled to show her the rabbit doll. "Look at this..." replied Malcolm very softly. "What about it? It's a silly old bunny rabbit teddy" said Cindy with a slight chuckle in her voice. "Look closer" replied Malcolm. Cindy came closer to Malcolm and examined the tag and replied "Perhaps this means property of Elena?". "Yes that's what I've assumed too" said Malcolm. "Wait, does this belong to Elena? Like, Elena who died in the demolition incident?" Cindy said with a quizzical glance. Malcolm replied with a mere nod, and went on inside. 
"So, how did this strange bunny rabbit teddy end up on the streets? Surely someone must have seen it?" said Malcolm with frustration growing in him. "Darling, I have no idea. Come to bed, we've had a long day. We'll ask about tomorrow" said Cindy very softly. Without any hesitation, Malcolm began to calm down, and followed Cindy up to the bedroom. About half an hour later, Malcolm remained curious about this teddy, which now sat on the other end of the room as him. He just couldn't get the thought out of his head as to how it ended up on the street right outside his house. Soon enough, he began to get very tired and followed Cindy into a deep sleep.
At about 5:12 AM, Malcolm was awoken by a startling screaming Cindy who was kicking him on the back of his legs and shrugging the bed covers off of them. Malcolm began to panic but finally attempted to wake Cindy by shaking her very hard and screaming her name at the top of his voice. Finally, she was awake, and was very calm. "What was that about? Did you have a nightmare?" he asked quickly. "Yes! Elena was in my dream, and was threatening to kill me if I didn't give her her teddy back!" she replied very quickly, with extreme panic ringing in her voice. "Hey there, it's okay. It was only a nightmare..." he softly said reaching out to give his wife a hug. However, it was at this moment where Malcolm looked to the opposite end of the room whilst hugging his wife to see the bunny rabbit teddy no longer there.


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