Saturday, 13 September 2014

Infliction (2013) - decent found footage horror

When I received my copy of Infliction in from the post, I was stuck in two minds. I am not a fan of any type of tape recordings horrors at all, but I felt like this film would perhaps change my mind as I did like the sound of it. Unfortunately after watching it, my opinion towards found-footage films remained the same, but I have to say - this was a really good film in my opinion. I was quite surprised in the end to have enjoyed it since it was found-footage but I guess that's a lesson for me not to misjudge films too quickly.

The film is directed/written by Jack Thomas Smith (who also previously produced Disorder in 2006 which is another awesome thriller) and lasts roughly 100 minutes. Basically, this awesome horror is based on the actual assembled footage taken from the cameras belonging to two brothers, who documented a murder spree in North Carolina in 2011. The footage reveals in disturbing detail their actions and motives. It documents the effects of people's actions or inactions and its long-term consequences on other's lives. "Infliction" presents in cold detail a hard look at the blurred line between society's criminals and victims. This project was a success in the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival in 2013, as producer Jack Thomas Smith won the genre award of "Best Story in a Feature Category".
I believe there was a lot of interesting aspects about the film and was intrigued by some things that went on. Some moments within this horror actually sort of startled me with a hint of depression. It is a really well written story for a found-footage film in my opinion, and focuses on the decisions made by other people and how these decisions impacted the two brothers. Seriously, don't listen to any of the stupid critics who attempt to slaughter the story line in any way possible. It is a very interesting story, and the acting is so good that it makes me wonder whether the footage is actually real or not! The story, although being amazing, did drag on at points in my opinion; however I was always questioning myself as to what was coming next. There were some twists which were kind of expected, however not ludicrous in any way.
I thought the film was generally quite spooky at points and would highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of found footage films. For me the movie was a huge success and I would like to give a massive shout out to Jack Thomas Smith and the rest of the Infliction cast. If you liked this film, (which I'm sure most horror fans will) then I recommend you check out another awesome thriller produced by Jack Thomas Smith called Disorder (2006).
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