Monday, 29 September 2014

Elena - Chapter 5

Malcolm jumped at the sight of the missing bunny rabbit teddy and cursed quickly under his breath. "What's the matter?" Cindy exclaimed rather anxiously. Malcolm did not reply to this but merely, and very slowly, raised his hand to point his finger towards the desk where the bunny rabbit teddy was last seen. Cindy quickly glared round at this location and her eyes widened wider in pure shock. "Oh my God, what is happening! " said Cindy nervously.

Within a few moments, Malcolm grabbed his bedroom torch quickly, and sprinted out of the room. He slowed down as he neared the stairs as he felt a very icy draught incoming. He was feeling very nervous at this moment, but also very angry to whatever was perhaps in their holiday house. Once reaching the bottom of the spiral staircase, he was alarmed by a very dull light from under the kitchen room door. He slowly opened it to see a very messy room. The fridge door was hanging wide open, with various food items scattered across the floor. The table was flipped over, and the chairs were sitting at the corners of the room for some reason. Also, the little bunny rabbit teddy was scattered in a trail going out of the house, ripped to shreds. He stumbled upon its arm first, before reaching another one, and then a leg.
This was seriously starting to freak him out, and he became more nervous as he became closer to the door lying wide open. As soon as he reached the door, he looked out to see the head perched on a small area of grass, and was startled to see the kitchen light blow. He quickly turned round to see a pitch black room. It was a power cut - as he seen ever other house having the same problem.
It was not long until Malcolm heard a very loud scream coming from Cindy. "Cindy, I'm coming!" he shouted at the top of his voice. He quickly began to sprint through to the stairs, until the kitchen door slammed in front of him. He was lucky to have not been hit, as it seemed to slam perfectly in front of his face. He heard a creepy laugh from upstairs somewhere, and continuously heard Cindy wailing even worse. Enough was enough - he started to barge the door down as it seemed to be somehow locked.
After a few attempts, he successfully broke through to hear the silence upstairs. "Cindy! Cindy!?" he shouted very loudly with an optimistic tone hoping to hear his wife. He waited no longer and began to run up the stairs. He quickly swung round the corner at the top of the stairs to see his wife sitting on a chair, staring into the darkness seeming to be in shock. "Cindy? Are you okay?" said Malcolm. There was a long silence, until Cindy slowly turned her head towards her husband. She slowly shook her head with a sort of innocent, scared expression before saying - "I seen her". "What?" said Malcolm with a kind of chuckling tone. "Don't laugh at me okay? I seen Elena, right before my eyes." she said rather upset. "As you went downstairs, I turned to the mirror and seen a little girl standing behind me with a creepy grin on her face." she said. She resisted a few moments before bursting into tears.

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