Sunday, 14 September 2014

Elena - Chapter 3

The thought of poor Elena was gripping the mind of Malcolm for the whole night. Coming to Bennanio on vacation again however this time to find out it had been demolished and an innocent little girl was crushed under the rubble. Now all the inhabitants of Bennanio were staying in this place called Storevio. He woke early in the morning - roughly around 7:00 to hearing someone thumping on the door as loud as possible. Malcolm quickly ran down the stairs of his newly located house in attempt to quickly open the door before this person woke up Cindy. He opened the door to the sight of Baldo, somehow exhausted and slightly sweaty. "Oh, hello there. Please, come in." said Malcolm. Without any hesitation Baldo quickly entered the house and sat down on the seat that Malcolm offered him to sit down on.

"I would like to warn you..." said Baldo, breathlessly. Malcolm sat down, with a rather concerned look on his face. "In the last week, there has been some mad woman. She has been claiming she has seen Elena in this village. You ignore her ok?" Malcolm was really curious at this moment and decided to question further. "Who is this woman? Is she ok?" said Malcolm. "She is a crazy old woman." replied Baldo. "I must go for now, I will speak soon". Within a few moments, Baldo was out of the house and Malcolm sat for an instance, wondering if the situation could get any worse. 
In an hour or two, Malcolm had woken Cindy and they decided to go out of the village for a while. After travelling for a short time, the couple arrived at another local village where they took some beautiful photographs of the local scenery, but stopping in for some lunch at a nearby cafe. The couple both ordered a baguette and sat down to have a nice and peaceful lunch - in contrast to their morning. "You feel ok now?" Malcolm asked Cindy with a very soft voice. "Yes, I'm fine now, thanks" Cindy replied. "Everything is calm now. Baldo came this morning to make sure we were ok. To make sure we have sufficient supplies." explained Malcolm. "Oh that was nice of him. I still think he's a bit of a weird fellow." said Cindy. "Yes, I'll agree with you on that one haha" Malcolm said with a slight chuckle. After another few moments, the couple were on the road to Storevio again after their peaceful lunch.

After arriving at the house for the second time in the past two days, the sun was gleaming down onto the windows and creating a beautiful reflection onto the trees. "Better weather today eh?" said Malcolm with a large smile on his face. "Oh yes, much better. Everything is getting better now" replied Cindy. Malcolm happily reached the house key from his satchel, and unlocked the door. Cindy immediately sprung onto the living room couch whilst Malcolm went upstairs to get changed. However, he noticed a strange light shining under his room door, with a quiet sort of commentary sound coming from beyond. He walked very slowly up to the door, the commentary becoming louder. His heard began to beat fast as he thought there was an intruder. Finally, he reached the room door, and gently creaked it open. No one was to be seen; however the television was switched on and was at a fairly high volume. This was not the only surprise as he looked to the edge of the room to see the windows wide open. He quickly sprinted over to the window to look out to the streets. He looked around for a short period until he seen it. He could not believe it... What was going on?

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