Saturday, 31 January 2015

Hostel Part 3 (2011) - Very gruesome film!

After watching part 2, all of my hopes and expectations in this trilogy were gone. The second part was promising until the comedy began which for me, doesn't fit with horror nowadays. However, the third part of Hostel was surprisingly decent. It follows a similar plot although, it is based in Vegas and revolves around a group of guys again rather than girls.
It receives some decent ratings across the web as you will see below:

  • IMDB - 4.6/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes - 60%
Unfortunately, it seemed as though metacritic haven't given this a rating, however the ratings above pretty much tell us the range of ratings across the web.

It is directed by Scott Spiegel and lasts approximately 88 minutes. A couple of days before his wedding with Amy (Kelly Thiebaud), Scott (Brian Hallisay) attends a bachelor party in Las Vegas with his friends Justin (John Hensley), Mike (Skyler Stone) and Carter (Kip Pardue). They go to a Strip Club, where they meet the escorts Nikki (Zulay Henao) and Angela that invite the four friends to go to a private party in the outskirts of Las Vegas. On the next morning, Scott, Justin and Carter realize that Mike, who is married with two children, is missing. Sooner they find that Nikki is also missing and they join to Angela to seek out the couple. They are abducted by a group of men and they discover that they will be submitted to sadistic tortures to satisfy the members of the Elite Hunting Club. Further, they find a surprising member of the club among the sick gamblers.

The general idea of the Elite Hunting Club was different in comparison to the repetitive second part, and it seemed to work for me. The sick feeling in this film was addressed from the moment we see all the members betting and auctioning on how the torturer would execute the victim and with what weapons they would use. The film includes a lot of gruesome scenes, which are very gory and disturbing. One in particular is the face mask scene - I'll say no more, but even thinking about it makes me want to vomit! There is an eerie atmosphere established at the start of the film as soon as one of the guys is strapped down to a seat and is forced to drink. By this moment, we feel as though the gorefest is going to commence until we discover it is a prank. For me, I think it contains the most disturbing torture scenes, therefore making it the best out of the three.

There are few weaknesses to this film in my opinion, although the 88 minute timescale lets it down. It takes a wee while for the gore to begin and so I feel as though there's not a lot of violence in it. If it was extended even just 20 minutes, it would probably have been more promising. Aside timing, the only other disadvantage I can think of is probably the acting. At times the acting is unrealistic, although there are times where it is pretty impressive and is more believable.

Overall, I would definitely say this was my favourite part out of the three. Although, I believe that it may not be a film for everyone, and that only certain people would like this. What I have to say to you though, is that you should watch this film with an open mind and don't let anyone tell you not to watch it, and don't let anyone tell you how bad or good it is. Just go for it!

Overall Rating - 6.6/10

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