Monday, 10 November 2014

Elena - Chapter 8

Malcolm woke rather freshly at around 10am the following morning with thoughts bombarding inside his head as to what had happened the previous night. He looked to his left to see Cindy sleeping very peaceful which was good to see. However, he was still disturbed by her behaviour. Before attempting to wake Cindy without any violence or shouting, he went down for some breakfast. He tidied up the remainders of the wreck from the previous night, and within 5 minutes, he began to make some tea.

All of a sudden, Malcolm heard a huge crash upstairs, which sounded like a large glass particle smashing. Without further shock or waiting, he began to walk upstairs quickly whilst shouting on Cindy. He crept into his bedroom to see Cindy sitting on the bed peering up at him. "What was that darling?" he asked. "What?" Cindy replied. "The crashing noise. I heard something smash." he said. "I'm sorry but I have no idea what you're talking about" Cindy mumbled and began to get up and walk downstairs. "Listen, Cindy! You can't ignore what happened last night! What's the matter with you anyway?" questioned Malcolm rather desperately. At this moment, Cindy was halfway through the door until she hesitated turning round to Malcolm. She stood there in silence before breaking out with a very silent "nothing" before proceeding on outside. Malcolm attempted to stop Cindy from proceeding any further away from the house; however she continued to protest and claimed she needed some fresh air.
It was about half an hour later that Cindy returned with a few shopping bags and a smaller splatter of blood on her wrist. "Wow, what has happened..." said Malcolm. "Oh nothing" she replied, seeming normal once again chuckling. "I was just walking home quite fast until I stumbled upon my own foot. It was quite embarrassing but Baldo was there to help me." she said. "So you just had an accidental fall?" Malcolm questioned. "Yes, silly me I guess" she said chuckling. "Darling, can you remember anything from last night?" Malcolm asked gripping his wives's hand. "Yeah, the massive power cut?" she replied almost questioning him. "Not just that. You were acting very weirdly. You kept going on about Elena, and you attempted to hit me whilst you were asleep, and said Leave Me Alone in a strangely deep tone." Cindy sat down on the couch rather disturbed, with her face in shock. "Darling, are you sure you weren't seeing or hearing things?" she said in a kind of desperate tone. "I assure you, it was definitely real" he replied. The couple continued to discuss the tragedy before accepting it was a misunderstanding.
However, it was not long before there was a loud chap on the door which was repeated four times. Malcolm walked to the door whilst shouting along "just a second!". He opened it to see Baldo standing and panting. "Oh, my friend. There's been an incident" he said. "What? What kind of incident?" Malcolm questioned. "A villager named Greta has been found lying in a ditch outside her house with several broken bones. Rumours are that she may be dead!" "Oh my god." Malcolm replied, and without any hesitation, he left the house with Cindy and Baldo to investigate.

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