Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Blog News/ Updates

Instead of writing a review tonight, I have prioritised updates. Basically instead of posting 3 times a week - Monday, Wednesday and Saturday - I have reduced this number to just 2 nights. Now some of you might be thinking "Why on earth would you do that?". Well, it's not that I don't dedicate enough time to my blog, as I constantly advertise, and involve myself in the horror community everyday. The quality of the posts is the problem.

I work all week, and since I have a lot to do at home, I cannot help sometimes but rush reviews a little when writing 3 a week. I feel that only compiling 2 a week would be more beneficial for me, and for all of you loyal followers, and viewers. To provide top quality reviews, I am therefore reducing the number of posts a week to 2 nights - Wednesday and Saturday - so that there are benefits for everyone.
I hope I do not cause any inconvenience from this, and that everyone is satisfied with my decision.
You can check out my latest blog post from Monday which reviews Night of the Living Dead (1968)! -
Also, remember there is a free giveaway on my blog which involves the chance to win a free bluray copy of The Chernobyl Diaries. For more details on how to win this simply check out the post! -

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