Thursday, 5 February 2015

Five reasons why I believe the Poltergeist remake will fail.

Across the web, I have noticed there has been a growing hype about the new Poltergeist remake coming in Summer 2015. A lot of people are saying it'll be as creepy as the classic in the 80's and it could be better than the original, whilst others are saying it may ruin the classic 80's film. For me, I think the remake will be unsuccessful and I believe that it will be nowhere near as good as the original. Here are some of my reasons:

  • First of all it is rated as a PG. Now all of you will say "well the last one was a PG so I don't know what you're complaining about?". Yes the original was a PG which I found quite scary, but the protagonist was JoBeth Williams. In the remake, apparently a 10 year old boy is going to be the protagonist. My problem with this is that it will not be as scary as the original.
  • Another negative feature is that it's being released in 3D. Seriously a horror in 3D? Sam Rockwell quoted that he feels it'll be "more of a kids film" and will be more of an "adventure", not meeting the fear factors of The Conjuring or similar films. Let's face it, a PG rated film in 3D with a 10 year old protagonist basically will be a kids film with a few scares. You'd expect a Poltergeist remake to meet the fear levels of the Conjuring and similar other modern horrors.
  • With remakes, you can't completely change the main plot or characters if you want it to go well, although you do need something different about the plot whilst still keeping it relevant to the original. I cannot see a remake of the Poltergeist being different. I mean what can you change about a house being haunted by a host of ghosts? Yes they've changed the protagonist but I would find it hard to change elsewhere. I feel as if the remake will be almost a replica of the original.
  • The SFX in the original were very good in my opinion, and seeing the DVD on the big screen was pretty impressive and frightening, alongside quality speakers. Nowadays let's face it - even in some of my favourite modern horrors such as The Conjuring and Insidious, the CGI is overused to the point where it is just ridiculous. I feel that a modern Poltergeist would ruin the original due to overpowered and unnecessary CGI effects used nowadays.
  • The fact that Gil Kenan (director of Monster House) is also directing this film makes me feel unhappy. Monster House as we all know was actually a decent film however it was a kid's film. Knowing that Gil Kenan is directing makes me think it'll be a tame horror with a few major scares. Looking at Gil Kenan's film credit, he hasn't been involved in any major horrors in his existence so far.
Overall, whilst many are saying they are looking forward to it, I feel as though it is hyped far too much across the web and it will be nowhere near the quality of the original. I think it could damage the reputation of the original for those who haven't seen it especially after they watch the remake if it turns out to be as bad as I am expecting it to be. It won't stop me going to see it though - I'll need to in case it's surprisingly decent although my reasons above are what I think is expected of how it will be bad. I'm not a fan of remakes apart from the Evil Dead remake and a few more, and I'm sure this will be a let down.

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