Monday, 27 October 2014

Elena - Chapter 7

"Cindy, you need to answer me right now... What's the matter?" said Malcolm, who was clearly trembling with fear. There was still no sign of Cindy to respond to this question, and Malcolm guessed from this sight that something was seriously wrong. Baldo was hovering behind Malcolm, also unaware of the current physical state of Cindy, but made a guess.
"I think she is in shock my friend" he said. Malcolm put his head in his hands, and slowly turned to Baldo saying "yes, but what could possibly have put her in shock?". He shrugged his shoulders almost apologetically and started to think. "Baldo, I appreciate your help and concern, but you can return to your house for the night if you wish." Malcolm stated. "Are you sure?" Baldo replied. He merely nodded, before saying "Good night Baldo", and then Baldo left slowly.
Before attempting to make Cindy speak again, Malcolm calmly walked downstairs to clean up and lock the door. He returned to his bedroom within minutes, to strangely see Cindy lying on the bed, with her face upright towards the ceiling, eyes opened. However, this time she turned to Malcolm as he walked in. "What a poor little girl" said Cindy seeming slightly upset. "What?" Malcolm said completely clueless. "Elena. She was so innocent. So perfect. She didn't deserve to die the way she did" said Cindy quietly. "Okay, but you can't beat yourself up about that. Obviously it was an accident - " "Yes, but that doesn't matter! She didn't deserve it! Cindy interrupted. "Right okay! Calm down. What's the matter anyway? You've been acting weird recently." said Malcolm quickly. "Nothing" she replied. "I'm tired and need sleep, so good night." From that moment, Cindy turned away from Malcolm and began to fall into a deep sleep. Malcolm, on the contrary, remained standing still and seemed rather distracted by Cindy's behaviour. "No, Cindy. Listen to me. Wake up!!" he shouted at the height of his voice. Since there was basically no response from Cindy, he began to shrug her as hard as possible. "Cindy!" he exclaimed. Surely she could not have fallen into deep sleep already he thought. He continued to shrug very hard until something completely unexpected and quite demonic occurred. Cindy rose up for a moment and shouted with a rather deep voice - "LEAVE ME ALONE!". Malcolm who was in complete shock jumped backwards as Cindy turned away again. His eyes were completely lit up with fear and he stood there shaking. What was happening to his dear Cindy? However, without any more attempt to startle her, he moved into the room next door to sleep for the night. He was very distracted by Cindy's behaviour though and continued to question himself how Cindy acquired such a manly and quite demonic tone and telling him to leave her alone.
It took him a couple more hours to get to sleep in the end. However before doing this, he set an alarm for 10am, and lay deep in thought towards the night's events. He was still clueless as to who raided his kitchen, and in the end considered something completely insane. What if it was Cindy that made such a mess? He also thought, could it be possible that the spirit of this young victim Elena was controlling Cindy's body?

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