Saturday, 25 October 2014

Awesome new horror web series! - Damnata

Once I came across the Damnata project, I was pretty interested to see how the same content is covered through comics, gaming and even now online! Basically, Damnata is a cross-platform project which merges gaming, comics, and online activity together through following the haunted life of the protagonist Elizabeth Kovacs and a unique and rich demon mythology.
The focus of the web series, is on adding content to the slowly dying art form of practical effects. Even though this practise is very much alive, the use of it in big productions has been limited and pulled down because of the appearance of CGI. We aim to merge both together to make a more tangible and organic effect on camera that makes the most of both CGI and practical effects on screen. The comic, 'Sin' explores the back story of a leading demonic character. Also, according to the producers of the comic, the game will be a playable version of this comic book. Producers have stated "Damnata will provide an easy pathway through all three platforms to enable the user to interact with the content. Key themes explored include redemption, personal sacrifice, family and damnation".
I am feeling very excited towards this project and hope it is a huge success as it attempts to provide content on multiple platforms and so is not limited. Also, nowadays I am usually very disappointed with the use of CGI, as in most cases it is over-used, so I believe it will be exciting and interesting to see a web series split with CGI and practical effects on screen.
Still as interested as I am? Well check out a more detailed synopsis below:
Damnata is a Post Apocalyptic Practical Effects Action horror Web Series that follows the story of Elizabeth Kovacs; a haunted journalist who is resurrected 3 years after the invasion of hellish creatures on earth to find a society oppressed by demons. Lost and confused she sets off on a journey to find her mother and sister amongst the chaos. Throughout her journey she will have to confront demons of her own and redeem herself from past mistakes as she encounters familiar faces along the way. But there is a bigger plan at hand for her - Has she been chosen to be the Queen of the Damned?
Demons have been hiding amongst humans for centuries. Preparing for an imminent violent invasion. Searching for their queen (The Damnata) to guide them through the virgin lands of earth. The story is set in a wasteland after the invasion of hellish demons on earth where the Survivors are hunted down, kept as slaves, sold or killed for sport. Humanity will have to band together to fight against the hordes of demons. But - Demons have plans of their own and their goals will only worsen humanity's condition.
Overall, according to the project team, it is a fantastic reflection of today's world - and how we need to be stripped back from all our commodities and deal with real emotions and real people in a dying world.
The creator of this exciting web series is Edward Rocha, and the producers are himself and Esteban Ulloa. Edward Rocha and Esteban Ulloa are two cousins based in Melbourne, Australia. Esteban is an experienced cinematographer who has lead the camera work and editing for numerous music videos, feature films and commercial videos for well over 3 years. His work as cinematographer for the film 'Cassette' won the people's choice award at the Melbourne 2014 '48 film festival'. Edward is an experienced Multimedia Designer with over 10 years experience in animation, illustration and directing. He is currently employed as a storyboard artist for a leading Melbourne animation studio and freelances for clients such as Boost, Oh Yeah Wow and Story Lab. Their collaboration comes not only because they are family but because of the love they have for film and story telling.
From this information, I believe and hope that the Damnata project is a huge success and I hope you guys perhaps may cooperate towards the effort and provide support! There is an IndyGoGo Campaign which perhaps you may wish to contribute to?:
The work of Edward Rocha may be found here:
Furthermore, Esteban Ulloa:

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