Sunday, 5 October 2014

Stalkers Shadow - creepy short horror!

I have seen many short horror films on YouTube and I'm sure most of you guys probably have as well, but this one was awesome! You'll find Stalkers Shadow on YouTube on a channel called Horror shorts - - and I recommend you check this video out!

It begins with a normal dude walking in the streets, in the middle of the night which already creates a good atmosphere. Soon, this is followed by a quiet piano melody - you know, one of those thrilling melodies that give you Goosebumps. What comes next? Well the piano melody is followed by an awesome kind of mist or fog sounding dynamic which makes the video even tenser! The string instruments begin soon enough and they are fantastic in developing the intensity and suspense in the video.
The first awkward situation arrives when we see a small character in a black cloak type of clothing just standing in the middle of the road, until he starts walking towards this normal man who is still walking. As we see a close-up of this stranger, it looks like he is wearing a gas mask. As he continues to follow, the music lightens up a wee bit and we can no longer hear a piano melody. Soon enough, the normal man stops walking, probably sensing there is someone close to him and he turns round to see this character. I received a cheeky wee fright here as the music is normalized to its fullest capacity as we see this character. It was good execution of the jump scare moment I must admit.
There is a funny moment as this stranger turns around and starts to walk away from this man. However, the laughing doesn't last as he stops, the dynamics get heavier, and this stranger begins to run at the man full speed that is now in shock, and doesn't begin to run until he is nearly right at him.
The man continues to run until he has evaded the stranger and bends over panting, before continuing into what I believe was his house.
The clip ends with a small cliff hanger which I am not going to spoil for you, so you better go and check out this video! It only lasts around 2 minutes and is definitely worth a watch. A link to the video is here - Also, check out @gurkirt on Twitter who directly recommended me to watch his short horror. Also, subscribe to the channel for more short horrors in the future!

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