Sunday, 5 October 2014

Elena - Chapter 6

Within a few moments after calming his beloved wife Cindy, Malcolm quickly ran down the stairs to clean up. After closing the door, he heard a lot of people outside from the square. His instincts immediately suggested he should join them to see how long the power cut was going to last, and so he ran up to get Cindy who was now rather calm but still startled. After a couple of minutes, they left. Cindy had still not said a word since her attempt to convince her husband she had seen Elena.
In about 5 minutes time, after walking in silence Malcolm and Cindy had arrived in the square. Several small families and groups sat around a statue that was central to the square, and Malcolm began to ask anyone if they had seen Baldo.
Funnily enough, he soon came across a British sounding family who were arguing with Baldo. "Baldo! What's going on here?" said Malcolm panting. "Oh, my friend! Do not worry, it is just a power cut" Baldo replied. Within a second or two, the apparent husband of the British family came close to Baldo and Malcolm and said "I'll tell you what has happened. This village is a trap! We were relocated here from a local village not far away due to demolitions and our house has now been robbed! Food everywhere, broken cupboards... It's a disaster! "Wait, you said your house is a mess?" Malcolm questioned. "Aye, that's right... and who are you!?" he replied. "Oh, I'm Malcolm, and this is my wife Cindy." he said, shaking hands with this new man, and likewise with Cindy. "Call me Todd" Todd said. "Well strangely enough, me and my wife here woke up to see all the houses blacked out and then I went downstairs to see the kitchen completely torn apart and the door was wide open." explained Malcolm. "That's weird. This place is turning out to be a joke." Todd said rather frustrated.
However, it was only a couple of minutes until the lights all came on and all the civilians in the town square applauded with happiness. "Right time to get to bed Cindy!" Malcolm said. However he turned to his right to see Cindy gone and he began to shout for her. He began to run through the square desperately shouting on his wife to find her nowhere. He continued, only to be stopped by Baldo a few minutes later who said "My friend! What is your problem?". "My wife has gone missing! She was right beside me for the majority of the time then I turned round to look at her and she was gone!" Malcolm shouted anxiously. "Have you went back to your house to look?" he suggested. "No actually, I'll go there right now!" he quickly said. From this moment, Malcolm began to run at a very fast pace back to his house, followed by Baldo.
They reached the door soon enough and barged through, hoping to see Cindy. They shouted on her a couple of times before exploring the house to try and find her. Malcolm sprinted upstairs whilst Baldo checked the kitchen. It was not long before Malcolm seen her standing on the balcony in a room upstairs. "Cindy dear, why did you come back!" he shouted. There was no reply. "Cindy? You made me panic". Still nothing. "Cindy?". By this moment, he was right behind her and slowly stood in front of her to see a face full of shock. He knew there was something seriously wrong. He tried to speak to her several times however, she ignored him and faced the same direction as she had been.

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