Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Cabin In The Woods - Another wacky Wednesday?

Anyone had a really wacky Wednesday? Well if so, this is the perfect film to conclude your day! The Cabin In The Woods is a very gory, fast-paced film (towards the end), which contains a huge 'twist in the tale'. It is a remarkable, but rather insane film directed by Drew Goddard, which contains a huge twist at the midpoint within the film. I won't tell you what it is though obviously as it will merely ruin the film ha ha!
Basically, it is about a group of teenage friends, and some being couples, who head off for a weekend at an isolated cabin within the woods - hence the name 'The Cabin In The Woods'.
Upon arriving, the group discover that they are completely outwith society of the rest of the world, and have no means of communicating with those outside the woods. One night, the cellar doors mystically flings itself open, which creates a sense of fear, and curiosity within the group. Due to their high level of desire to explore, several teenagers therefore venture into the darkness of the cellar to find an odd collection of relics and curios. One member of the group - Dana (Kristen Connolly) - finds one of the books in the cellar interesting and reads a few lines. For you guys who know a lot about computing, Dana is basically symbolising a Trojan horse within the film by doing this. We believe through the directing, that she is merely reading a few lines for a good laugh with her friends. However, at the same time, through reading the book out loud, she awakes a family of deadly zombie killers!
I don't want to spoil any more for you, but from this moment, we soon realise the teenagers receive more than they bargained for, and the movie becomes literally insane from this moment on-wards!
There is a huge twist you will learn near the end of the movie which in my opinion, kinda ruins the film. However, ignoring this twist, in my opinion I believe that the film is a very awesome horror, certainly capable of satisfying you guys that love gory films with a lot of blood and guts! For those of you who enjoy blood and guts, the end will definitely be the cherry on the top!
Overall, in my opinion, The Cabin In The Woods, is certainly a very 'wacky' movie, which although is very insane and wild, is a brilliant film definitely worth a watch as it has it's moments with huge jumps and scares. Although, I wouldn't particularly grant this movie an Oscar award for any kind of eerie atmosphere. However, it is definitely recommended!!!

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