Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Under The Flesh comic support

Although I am now too late in supporting the campaign to promote the awesome first issue, I would like to give a huge shout out to the Under The Flesh comic and a congratulations on their success on kick starter, after they have successfully achieved funds to print the first issue and create the art of the second issue. Under The Flesh is a very intriguing comic having a very interesting summary.
It is set two months later since Desolation Day, when an unknown male-specific virus ravaged the world, degenerating men into savage cannibals called “fleshers.” Ruben Lobos, is a short-tempered, genetically enhanced soldier, who’s clueless about his abilities since the pathogen struck at the same time of his experiment. He’s interestingly surrounded by a diverse cast of strong female characters in a dying world where women outlast men. That's the world of Under The Flesh. A gritty blast of sex, horror, sci-fi, and dabbling in various sub-themes like evolution, spirituality, and transhumanism. A zombie apocalypse comic that strays away from the traditional viral story by accentuating a premeditated reason behind the virus, as opposed to leaving the origin of the outbreak as a common question mark.
The summary in my opinion, is fantastic - as I love anything to do with zombie outbreaks! Again, I know the campaign has ended on kick starter, but I would love to give a huge shout out to the Under The Flesh comic team for you guys to support any future issues that come out. A massive congratulations to the comic, in achieving such a fantastic target, and I really hope everyone supports and perhaps contributes to the comic in the time coming.
For any more details on Under The Flesh comic you can check out its own Facebook page -
Also you can simply check out the Under The Flesh comic website -
Finally, it would be amazing if you follow and support them on twitter - @Under_TheFlesh
Again, I apologise for being late, but I hope this shout out is providing some support which will perhaps contribute towards later issues, and I'm glad to have helped out!
On this note, I will return on Saturday to upload another awesome horror review!

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