Saturday, 2 August 2014

Fantastic Horror Classic - The Thing (1982)

One of the greatest horror classics ever! I really enjoyed this awesome film. To have been made in 1982 I was very impressed by the quality in it, as I only seen this film about 5 years ago. I have grown up through the era of overpowered and needless CGI in most horrors, and tons of captured footage horrors. I'm telling you, this is a fantastic film, and if you haven't seen it, it's a classic that you can't pass bye. There was a remake for this classic in 2011 which I thought was decent, but you can't watch the remake if you haven't watching the older version, right?

It is directed by John Carpenter, who also produced the fantastic classic - Halloween (1978) - and it lasts a good 109 minutes. The setting is in the midst of an Antarctican snowfield, where the scientists and workers of a small American research base are shocked when a mysterious helicopter begins to circle their camp. Soon enough, the helicopter unexpectedly begins chasing and shooting at a dog. When the helicopter is destroyed and the passengers are killed, the dog is let into the base and the Americans begin to wonder what has actually happened, and why they were so determined to kill this dog. The helicopter has Norwegian markings, must be from the Norwegian base not too far from their own. A team of Americans are sent to the Norwegian base and find out what has happened. On arrival, they find that the place has been totally destroyed. They also discover a mangled body that looks as though it was once that of a person, which they bring back with them for further study. It is only then that the clues begin to add up; the dog morphs horribly into a strange creature that attacks the researchers. They manage to fight it off, but they come to a terrible conclusion: an alien with the power to transform and take the appearance of anybody else is amongst them. From this moment, the film gets very tense as no one knows who is infected and who can be trusted. Helicopter pilot R.J MacReady (Kurt Russell) sets out to find the answers to exactly that.
It is a very exciting, thrilling film in which the momentum builds each minute as soon as you get into it. It is a film that I still find very exciting at present day. I find it is one of the most entertaining horrors to be made - fast paced, exciting, and thrilling from start to finish. I know I say this all the time, but you are not a true horror fan yet if you haven't seen this classic! It is phenomenal. I fell that The Thing is very similar to Alien (1979), as the protagonists are stranded in a desolate area, stalked by a foe that seems to kill them off one by one. Personally, I couldn't decide what I preferred out of The Thing and Alien at the moment; I would have to give it some time, but you seriously have to see this film. I am actually glad this film was made in the 80's, as the special FX were brilliant. If it were nowadays, the film would be ruined with unrealistic gore, and unnecessary CGI. John Carpenter's "The Thing", is definitely something I could watch any day of the week.
John Carpenter did a sublime job in the directing of this film, but something we can't ignore is the incredible acting. All of the scientists seemed to do very well in expressing a very good level of fear and disturbance as each innocent scientist was ripped apart by The Thing. As well as the acting, the level of gore was very good. There was not an unrealistic amount, but there was enough to have the audience thrilled at each death, and not disappointing by any sort of unrealistic moment (unlike nowadays).
Overall, The Thing (1982) is a fantastic horror classic which you cannot miss out on. It is another one of John Carpenter's greatest horrors, sitting up the top of the horror genre alongside the fog, and Halloween (1978). Here's my suggestion to you guys who love sci-fi and horror movies: Place yourself in the good chair of your home. Be sure you're not interrupted by anyone at all. If you haven't got a projector then your unlucky, but sit close to your TV and watch this miracle of a film. Let it absorb you, and you'll see it my way! Oh and you may not want to have a dog in the room with you, you may get a little paranoid! Fantastic horror classic - highly recommended.

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