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Dark Realm - by Ron Fitzgerald - awesome illusionist!

Ron Fitzgerald's 'Dark Realm' is the story of a Master illusionist inspired by the Occult who may actually be in league with evil forces to assure his success. His deadly secret may also bring destruction upon himself, and everyone else in his macabre show. The reason why I recommend you check this awesome film out is because it is a unique combination of both Ron Fitzgerald's Gothic Illusion performances , accompanied very well with a horror film narrative.
This film is not docudrama, not just full of performance footage, but something distinctive. It is something completely different which you will probably have never seen before. Never before in the genres of horror or magic has this kind of film project been attempted. This award-winning independent feature film is based on Master Gothic Illusionist Ron Fitzgerald's stage show "Fitzgerald's Realm of Magic", featuring his dark, edgy, supernatural illusions, alongside a horror storyline to produce the unique atmosphere.

It is also inspired by many classic horror films such as 'The Mad Magician' starring Vincent Price, 'The Wizard of Gore' by director Herschel Gordon Lewis, and 'Terror Train' featuring Magician David Copperfield. However, 'Dark Realm' goes beyond these classics to present complete, horror styled illusion performances, presented in front of a live theatre audience without the aid of any 'Movie Magic", by a true darkly inspired Master Illusionist, who is also an award-winning actor that has been featured in many Horror films.
For over twenty five years Ron Fitzgerald has performed worldwide from Hollywood to Hong Kong, as well as Lollapalooza, with his sinister signature style that features him eating razor blades, decapitating and cremating his lovely companions, for your entertainment pleasure, all with his wicked sense of humour and the promise of 'dark,sticky fun'! In addition, Ron is the featured host of the long-running Chicago Alternative Burlesque sensation, “Festival of Flesh”, which also has an influence on the film. In addition, Fitzgerald has been acting in horror and Sci-Fi films for the last 15 years now. As Fitzgerald had completed "The Item", “The Thirsting”, “Afraid of Sunrise”, "Magus", "Year of the Ox", “Dracula's Orgy of the Dammed” and Arkham Sanitarium: Soul Eater, along the way, it was on director John Lechago’s “Blood Gnome”, an unholy alliance of deadly drama was formed when Ron met "Dark Realm"'s co-writer and co-producer, with Fitzgerald, and director, Vincent Bilancio. Vincent is the star of John Lechago’s “Blood Gnome” and "Bio Slime" as well as Jeff Leroy's "The Screaming". This veteran horror film personality, with over twenty guest appearances and key roles in major horror and Sci-Fi classics including Rodger Corman’s “Sorority House Massacre” is also co-creator of the modern cult classic “Werewolf in a Women's Prison”! Ron Fitzgerald is quite the actor isn't he?
With that kind of background it's no wonder that when Bilancio wanted to shoot Fitzgerald's illusion show it turned into a Horror film!
According to Fitzgerald, "Vinnie and I had talked about shooting my illusion show, but I didn't want to do the typical television Magic special thing. I wanted to turn it into a Horror film to really suit my style and give it a totally unique presentation, also to take full advantage of our combined talents." Now, on "Dark Realm" Fitzgerald and Bilancio’s creative bloodletting begins! Ron Fitzgerald will be seen performing his illusions exactly as he does in his live, Gothic/Horror performance art and illusion shows - with absolutely no camera tricks employed – as this Master Illusionist competes with the a wicked Personification of Evil that has morphed itself into an Earthly entity for a fight to the death for lives and souls, as you ask yourself what is reality and what is illusion.
The cast for this epic film are as follows:-
  • Master Of The Realm - (Ron Fitzgerald)
  • Price - (Vincent Bilancio)
  • Raven - (Kaylee Williams)
  • Scary Cherrie - (Cherries Jubalie)
  • Sister Midnight - (Heather Dorff)
  • Lady India - (Lady India)
  • Head of Security - (Al Burke)
  • Stage Manager - (Marybeth Saunders)
  • Man Getting Thrown Out - (Craig Lemons)
  • Jigsaw Illusion Audience Participant - (Melaney Grabis)
  • Pun Munk #5 - (Joe Burdick)
  • Pun Munk #666 - (Brian J. Hedger)
  • Miss Kloe - (Cleo LaVamp)
  • Aria - (Mindy Turano)
  • Opera Singer - (Seyhan Kilic)
The film features an amazing score and soundtrack contributions from the LA alternative/industrial band House Made of Dawn as well as tracks from notable indie music bands and artists including Voltaire, Sinister Fate, The Dark Theater, Thorn Fetish, The Damn Bats. Kim Hoffman and Jet Noir.

"Dark Realm" earned two awards at the 2014 Indid Horror Film Festival! One for co-star Kaylee Williams for Best Supporting Actress and one for Ron Fitzgerald in the from of a Lifetime Achievement Award for his unique work on "Dark Realm" and his other Horror films.

"Dark Realm" will be available later this year with a DVD release full of special extra features. There will also be future screenings, events and streaming options as well. In addition, there will be a "Dark Realm" soundtrack available on iTunes.

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