Saturday, 7 June 2014

Epic horror for a Saturday night! - Drag Me To Hell (2009)

So for tonight, I've decided to give you guys a wee cool down from The Exorcist last night, by providing a review based on Drag Me To Hell (2009) which isn't quite as scary. However, don't expect no scares or jumps within this film, as after watching it, I thought it was incredibly scary. I remember watching this film in the cinema during the first few weeks of its release, and thought it was very frightening. You could however, state this was due to my younger age, although I re-watched it earlier this month and was amazed with how nervy I still was watching it even though I had anticipated everything coming.
I knew what to expect from the 99 minutes it lasts, however due to the sound FX and many more techniques, I still found myself jumping every now and again.

The film is directed by Sam Raimi, and is a very interesting film, although very eerie.
It basically is about a loan officer named Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) who is in a difficult position competing with a colleague in order to be awarded the assistant manager position whilst being unsure about her current relationship status with her boyfriend. Therefore, in order to impress her boss, she desires not to show any weakness under her job and refuses a request for an extension of a loan from the old Mrs Ganush (Lorna Raver), causing the woman to lose her house and to be cast along onto the streets. Unfortunately for Christine merely doing her job, Mrs Ganush places a curse within Christine in order to retaliate, which we learn, will cause Christine to be dragged to hell within a few days. A psychic attempts to aid her through the following horrific days of her life, whilst she attempts to get rid of the demon within her. However, it is not easy for her, as in her journey, she stumbles over many terrifying hurdles.
Therefore, I would highly recommend that you guys try to watch this tonight, or some other day, as it is phenomenal in my opinion. The movie consists of so many thrills and scares sustained within the 99 minutes, and I can remember the first time watching it I didn't stay still in my seat for more than 2 minutes during disturbing and eerie scenes.
The atmosphere at points is extraordinary in my opinion, as I believe the silence causes the jump-scares to be emphasised more, and genuinely shocks me. However, you may find some of the scenes disturbing, although the filming and CGI is amazing.
Overall, although it is not as scary as The Exorcist, I do believe it is still a very frightening movie due to the way it was directed and compiled by Sam Raimi. For a Saturday night especially, it is an ideal movie - one in which you have to watch rather loud and with all the lights off for the full Drag Me To Hell experience. In my opinion, I think Sam really went for it this time by intensifying the horror and fear within this film due to how a felt not only the first time I seen it, but even the second time even when I knew what to expect.
For a modern horror (in my opinion, old horrors are better than modern ones), I think it is a masterpiece and I really enjoyed the film, due to the excitement I felt, especially developed through the atmosphere!

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