Monday, 23 June 2014

Notice - My Blog Summer Schedule!

Hey guys, as you may have heard, I depart for my holiday this Friday (27/06/14) for my holiday, and therefore my blog post this Wednesday will be my last one until I return which will be Saturday the 12th of July. I apologise in advance for any inconvenience I may cause to any of you awesome horror fans, and I therefore promise you guys awesome content and reviews when I return.
Also, unfortunately when I return on Saturday the 12th of July, I will be following a new schedule as follows-
I will only be able to post twice a week, and the two days I will post on are most likely to be Wednesday and Saturday.
I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys will be out and doing a lot during this Summer anyway, and so I hope I don't let too many people down. The reason for my change in schedule for the Summer is because my family are coming to visit from Canada, and I have not seen them in a long while. I will be working hard to produce the 2 blog posts I have now promised, and will be following this schedule until the end of Summer.
Again guys, sorry for any inconvenience, and I'll put a lot of work into the reviews I do for you guys starting Saturday the 12th of July.
Remember I depart this Friday (27/06/14) and so Wednesday will most likely be my final post before I leave. I hope you guys have an awesome Summer, and when Friday comes, don't grieve, I'll be back soon!

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