Monday, 16 June 2014

Upcoming zombie horror preview! - Apocalypse (2015)

Don't you guys just love to chill out by settling down onto a cushion and watching an awesome, thrilling zombie movie? Well, I certainly do, and nothing can beat a fantastic zombie film. However, I am sometimes disappointed if I watch a zombie movie that lacks the quality and thrills that occupies the best, and well-known zombie horrors; ones that hit the highest rated horror films on IMDB.
This is why I am looking forward to Apocalypse (2015), which I believe, will be an absolutely exceptional horror. My reasons for this view, being that over 20 countries are involved with the filming of the movie, and it will be released roughly in Summer 2015, with the filming beginning this Summer (2014). It is being compiled merely by a large amount of horror fans worldwide, which brings me to one of my reasons for my excitement. There will be diversity within the film due to over 20 countries taking part in the filming, and it is not common for so much diversity in horrors.

Anyways, the film is directed by Tony Jopia, and in terms of plot, it sounds incredible.  When a cataclysmic virus that reanimates dead flesh is unleashed upon the world, news anchor woman Katya Nevin is the only living person who knows the truth of its origin. Together with her crew, Katya secures herself on the tenth floor of the WW news building and makes it her mission to inform the world of the truth about the impending zombie apocalypse.Katia’s need to reveal the truth to the world sees her hunted by two armed MI7 agents who have been deployed to find and destroy the sensitive material now being broadcast from the top of the WW building. With the world outside falling into chaos around them, Katya and her intrepid band of survivors must fight for their lives and choose between relaying news reports about the apocalypse from around the world and their own survival. Will they escape, or will they die for their cause?
From this summary, I feel very excited and think it sounds like another upcoming fantastic zombie horror!
The current cast involved in this short horror are as follows:-

Overall, I genuinely think that this will be a very thrilling short zombie film, featuring some awesome scenes, and perhaps even some spooky scenes. 
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