Saturday, 31 May 2014

Saturday Nights amazing horror film! - Shutter (2008)

So some people are looking for a really good horror film for tonight? Well, Shutter (2008) is an extraordinary film directed by Masayuki Ochiai and is highly recommended for a Saturday night. This, unfortunately, is not a well-known movie, and does not have a high reputation. Therefore my choice of this film is down to the film itself and not because of how popular it is within the world.
One reason for it to be not well-known could be perhaps that it is set in Tokyo, and speaking statistically, quite a lot of people do not like horror films from Japan such as this, The Grudge etc.
However, I seriously recommend this film as it is very frightening in my opinion and very intense throughout the 85 minutes it lasts. I feel that it is a really unique horror as although it only lasts 85 minutes (which is quite short in comparison to other horrors), it is very interesting and the plot is very distinctive and contrasting to your normal masked serial killers such as Michael Myers, Jason etc. Instead, the plot has nothing to do with any serial killers and is very different to any other horror.

Basically, the film revolves around a newly married couple - Ben (Joshua Jackson) and Jane (Rachel Taylor) who move to Japan due to a job opportunity of a fashion shoot session in Tokyo. Sadly, on their trip to Japan, they are involved in a horrible car crash which caused the death of a poor young, local girl. However, mysteriously after being unconscious for a great deal of time, they find no trace of her body after they knocked her down very recklessly. From the moment they arrive in Tokyo, the couple attempt to put the incident behind them after feeling very guilty but puzzled at the same time, and they eventually begin their new life. However, it is clear that the incident cannot be forgotten about, as soon Ben notices unusual white blurs in a lot of his photos taken from the shoot in Tokyo. Jane becomes worried from this moment as she continuously attempts to persuade Ben to believe it is spirit photography of the girl they supposedly killed on the journey, seeking vengeance.
To avoid any spoilers, I'll stop here, but it begins to get very eerie and intense from this moment on wards as the mysterious girl continues to haunt them through their photographs.
Again, this is not a well known film, but I reckon it should be as I consider it to have a decent plot, and definitely a high level of jumps and scares especially due to the support of the silence sustained throughout it which creates a very eerie atmosphere.
Overall, I believe it to be a fantastic film which is very intriguing, and again distinctive. I also believe you guys should give it a watch because you will find it to be very different and contrasting to your normal horror plots you are used to, and it is, very frightening!

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