Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wacky Wednesday? - You're Next (2011)

Who feels like a really crazy, wacky horror movie tonight?
Well here's your answer! 'You're Next' is an intensely brutal horror directed by Adam Wingard. The plot is based on the Davison family who intend to spend a peaceful and enjoyable time away, for a family reunion.
All seems well at first, until several family members are spontaneously attacked through the use of weapons from a range outside the house.

The happy occasion is shattered from the numerous, random attacks as soon enough, the remaining members merely seek cover and attempt to gain help - help they cannot get. The film contains a huge twist at the end as we learn the attack was purely planned, and the culprit, of all things... is a huge shock...
What I find extraordinary about this movie is the methods used in order to desperately (in the end) assassinate the Davison family members, and it becomes a real bloodshed! Do not watch if you are not comfortable with intensely gory scenes, but if you enjoy a wacky movie, then a wacky movie has arrived for you! Overall rating - 8/10

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