Friday, 16 May 2014

Perfect horror for a Friday Night? - Sinister (2012)

It has to be Sinister, of 2012, possibly the scariest movie I have ever went to see in a cinema.
 This film is a remarkable movie directed by Scott Derrickson which contains a few disturbing scenes, and displays great imaginative thoughts through the story-line and the frequently occurring jumps, and scares.
'Sinister' revolves around a writer named Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke),  who transports himself and his family to a horrific house which previously contained a disastrous crime, that his family secretly don't know about.
He finds evidence within his house to develop his book on the crisis that happened years ago, and discovers there is more to it than what he expected as he discovers a frightening and mysterious character within every tape recording that he watches. Soon enough, he begins to be affected by the genuine occurrence of these tapes within the house, as does his poor family who still don't know about the crime.
Undoubtedly, the plot is underestimated by some, however in my opinion it is extraordinary. The film does contain some very disturbing images, and the terror is fluently sustained within the full 110 minutes that the film occupies. It is overall, definitely a movie that HAS to be watched on a Friday night in my opinion. For the best scares and frights, I would recommend watching it late at night with all the lights out and see if you can watch it without hiding :) Definitely recommended, and in my opinion 9.5/10.

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