Saturday, 17 May 2014

Saturday Night's Horror - a bit of demons and spirits and stuff? - The Amityville Horror (2005)

For a Saturday Night, where you are all comfortable in your bed, ready to watch a movie, The Amityville Horror (2005) is a fantastic recommendation.
It is a very frightening movie, directed by Andrew Douglas in which the Lutz family consisting of George (Ryan Reynolds), Kathy (Melissa George) , and 3 children move into a new house in which there was a previous horrific murder previously. Once finding out about the murder, the family hopefully attempt to put the previous disastrous murder behind themselves, and attempt to look to the future and keep their house.

However, soon enough, it is almost as if the house has a strong influence on George as he begins to act very weirdly (and soon, insanely) , and their poor little daughter Chelsea claims to be seeing paranormal things. 
I won't say much more so I don't ruin your terrifying experience, but basically from this, the family face a 28 day period full of hell and fear.
In my opinion, the plot and story-line is fantastic within this movie, and is kinda similar to 'Sinister'. However what makes this movie so significant and essential to be tagged as a movie which has to be watched is down to the extraordinary directing techniques used in order to create butterflies in our body whilst we wait for the dead silence to end, and a loud noise to furthermore startle us into a large jump. This film is highly recommended, and is definitely one of the best horror movies I have seen. I would personally give it 9.8/10, what about you guys?
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